As per US Rowing rules, Masters crews shall be classified by age according to the following categories:

Masters 'AA' = 21-26 years
Masters 'A' = 27-35 years
Masters 'B' = 36-42 years
Masters 'C' = 43-49 years
Masters 'D' = 50-54 years
Masters 'E' = 55-59 years
Masters 'F' = 60-64 years
Masters 'G' = 65-69 years
Masters 'H' = 70-74 years
Masters 'I' = 75-79 years
Masters 'J' = 80+ years

The age category of a Masters crew shall be determined by the average age of the rowers in the crew, rounded down to the nearest integer.

The age of a coxswain shall not be counted. The ages of individual rowers need not fall within the age category, so long as each rower is a Master and so long as the average age of the crew falls within the applicable category. A Masters crew may compete in a lower (younger) age category, but not in a higher category.

A Masters crew competing in the AA category may not compete in any category other than AA or A. If a crew competes in the A category with AA rowers, it must attain an average age such that it is eligible to compete as an A (or above) age category crew.

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Race Results - 2008

(graphics courtesy of Ewoud Dronkert!)

Sprint Races
June 7th. Derby Regatta Shelton, CT
Master Mens' 1x 1st.
August 2nd. Quaker City Regatta Philadelphia, PA
Master Mens'A-C 1x 1st.
August 14th. - 17th. US Masters Nationals Long Beach, CA
Master Mens'E 1x Gold
Master Mens'E 4x Gold (NLRC Composite)
Master Mens'F 4x Gold (NLRC Composite)
Master Mens'G 4x Gold (NLRC Composite)
Master Mens'F 8+ Gold (NLRC Composite)
Master Mens'F 2x Silver (NLRC Composite)
November 9th. Braxton Memorial Regatta Philadelphia, PA
Master Mens' 8+ 1st.
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Head Races
October 5th. Riverfront Head Hartford, CT
Master Mens 1x 1st.
October 25th. - 26th. Head of the Schulykill Philadelphia, PA
Womens Veterans 2x Silver (NLRC Composite)
November 1st. Head of the Harlem New York, NY
Master Mixed 2x 1st.
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