As per US Rowing rules, Masters crews shall be classified by age according to the following categories:

Masters 'AA' = 21-26 years
Masters 'A' = 27-35 years
Masters 'B' = 36-42 years
Masters 'C' = 43-49 years
Masters 'D' = 50-54 years
Masters 'E' = 55-59 years
Masters 'F' = 60-64 years
Masters 'G' = 65-69 years
Masters 'H' = 70-74 years
Masters 'I' = 75-79 years
Masters 'J' = 80+ years

The age category of a Masters crew shall be determined by the average age of the rowers in the crew, rounded down to the nearest integer.

The age of a coxswain shall not be counted. The ages of individual rowers need not fall within the age category, so long as each rower is a Master and so long as the average age of the crew falls within the applicable category. A Masters crew may compete in a lower (younger) age category, but not in a higher category.

A Masters crew competing in the AA category may not compete in any category other than AA or A. If a crew competes in the A category with AA rowers, it must attain an average age such that it is eligible to compete as an A (or above) age category crew.

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2013 Race Calendar...

(graphics courtesy of Ewoud Dronkert!)

Indoor Races
January 27th. CT. Indoor Champs. Easton, CT
February 17th. CRASH B's Boston, MA
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French Randonnees
May 5th. Gorges du Verdon Aiguines, France
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Sprint Races
April th. Greenwich Regatta Greenwich, CT
May th. Mayor's Cup Providence, RI
May th. Nutmeg State Regatta Shelton, CT
May Riverside Sprints Cambridge, MA
June 8th. Derby Regatta Shelton, CT
June 15th. Schulykill Navy Regatta Philadelphia, PA
June 20th. Carnegie Lake Regatta Princeton, NJ
July 5th.-7th. Independence Day Regatta Philadelphia, PA
July th. Capital Sprints Washington, D.C.
July th. Sweeps & Sculls Providence, RI
July 8th. Cromwell Cup Regatta Cambridge, MA
July 27th.-28th. Diamond States Masters Middletown, Del.
August 3rd. Quaker City Masters Philadelphia, PA
August 12-15th. US Masters Nationals Camden, NJ
November 10th. Braxton Memorial Regatta Philadelphia, PA
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Head Races
September 15th. Coastweeks Regatta Mystic, CT
September th. GMS Regatta New Milford, CT
September 29th. Green Mountain Head Putney, VT
October th. Riverfront Head Hartford, CT
October 12th. Head of Housatonic Shelton, CT
October th. Head of Connecticut Middletown, CT
October 19th.-20th. Head of the Charles Boston, MA
October 26th.-27th. Head of Schulykill Philadelphia, PA
October th.-th. Head of Fish Saratoga Spr., NY
November New Canaan HS Invitational Norwalk, CT
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International Races
Feb. 14th. Brussels Head of the River Bruxelles, Belgium
Feb. 15th.-16th. Prince Albert II Challenge Monte Carlo, Monaco
March 23rd. Head of the River London, UK
March 24th. Vesta Veterans' Head London, UK
May 19th. Voga Longa Venice, Italy
July 3rd.-7th. Henley Royal Regatta Henley, UK
July 12th.-13th. Henley Veteran Regatta Henley, UK
August 4th.-11th. Canadian Henley - Masters St. Catharines, ON
September 5th.-8th. FISA World Masters Regatta Varese, Italy
Sept. 25th.-26th. Belgian National Championships Hazewinkel, Belgium
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