Press Releases 2013
Prince Albert Challenge
(Jan. 07)

Autumn Racing
(Sep. 13)

Gorges of Verdon Randonnee
(Apr. 13)
NLRC entered 2 rowers in a Mixed Quad at the Gorges de Verdon randonnee in South France.

About Us...

NLRC Philosophy
NLRC aimd to be an affordable club for rowers, with good team spirit, a competitive edge, and a camaraderie off the water that fosters unity on the water.

Unlike most clubs that see the rower as a walking cash-flow, NLRC sets its annual fees low and depends on fund-raising and corporate sponsorship to pay its way. This way, rowing participation is affordable for those who love the sport, not just for those who can afford it.
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Racing at NLRC
Norwalk Leander takes its racing seriously. The members regularly compete and win at the World Masters Championships, US Masters Nationals, Head of the Charles and other US and International races. We row all year round, ice permitting, in order to compete over all four seasons.
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Club Spirit
A club without a soul is no club at all, and we at Norwalk Leander strive to build spirit on and off the water. As well as the local competitive events like the erg and sculling ladder, the club organises social events (e.g. Club nights at Ischoda, sat./sun. post-row coffee) so that rowers get to know more about their colleagues than just the early morning/evening row together.
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